William James Recruitment: Contingency Division

Contingency is one of the most efficient forms of recruitment, in which you can discuss each vacancy in-depth with an experienced recruitment consultant here at William James Recruitment with no upfront fees or tie-in periods.

To find out more about our approach to contingency recruitment, call 0161 826 3140 or get in touch with us via email.

Our Contingency Recruitment Services

At William James Recruitment, we place our own adverts on a regular basis, conduct frequent database searches (utilising the latest recruitment software) and continually increase our database of contacts and candidates by networking, referral generating and by simply keeping in contact with people.

Our team manages all the time-consuming telephone calls and responses, conducts regular interviews with all levels of candidates and seeks only relevant applicants for registered clients and vacancies placed with us.

We reduce the need for clients to write and pay for their own adverts, which can often offer limited success.

In addition, we get to know our clients key qualities and attributes so that we can effectively market and sell their businesses to potential employees. 

We also handle offers and contract negotiations and consult with and advise our clients on best practice, at every stage of the recruitment process.

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To get in touch with us about our contingency recruitment services, call 0161 826 3140 or get in touch with us via email.